Luxury Home-made Baklawa

Cedar Baklawa Est2000

Today we are humbled and privileged to connect with over 2000 customers
across the UK and Europe.
Cedar Baklawa was named by our founder and father Abu Samir,
who has been baking baklawa since the sixties.
Our name originates from the Cedar tree which is the national tree of Lebanon
and from where our story begins..
It is in Lebanon where our father perfected and mastered
the traditional baklawa family recipe that we use today.
In the summer of 2000 Cedar Baklawa established itself as a professional baklawa bakery.
The second generation of our family started producing and baking our famous handmade
baklawa treats for everyone to enjoy!
Our Mission..
To inspire love between cultures through our artisan handcrafted mouthfuls of joy!
Our Product…
Using traditional Lebanese technique, perfected through the generations to produce
our unique filo pastry which is at the heart of every handcrafted piece of baklawa.